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IPC Training & Certification

IPC provides world-recognized training and certification of industry standards in six major areas of electronics manufacturing and basic and advanced PCB design. These certification courses are offered locally by IPC India to technical personnel from companies in India, as well as neighboring countries. IPC awareness workshops are offered to shop floor technicians on best practices of hand soldering, cable and wire harness and ESD.

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IPC Membership

IPC member companies recover their investment on IPC membership through the financial discounts offered on all services provided by IPC. Members also build their brand image by being associated with the IPC name, which allows members to expand the spectrum of their company’s visibility. Membership means networking in the global market, while staying on top of the latest industry trends by receiving IPC reports and surveys.

IPC Standards

IPC has a standard for nearly every aspect of the electronics manufacturing industry. As a result, vendors continue to insist upon adhering to IPC standards. IPC India’s Reference Library supports most of the major standards. Free access is offered to all our member companies during office hours.


IPC Validation Services

IPC Validation Services verify, qualify and certify that manufacturers and service providers are capable of producing products in accordance with IPC standards. This provides them the opportunity to become part of a centralized network of trusted sources that industry will look to when evaluating existing and potential business partners. On top of that, Qualified Products List (QPL) and Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) are two new supplier qualification programs that expand the value, quality and risk mitigation of products and facilities through the use of site audits, data validation and testing.

IPC Multimedia DVDs

IPC Multimedia DVDs, based on IPC Standards, provide affordable and effective training which can be used in operator-level training classroom or in computer-friendly formats for learning networks. IPC DVDs cover ESD control, lead free soldering, wire and cable, component identification, hand soldering, A-610 workmanship standards, solder joint rework and repair, operator safety, surface mount, through hole processing of electronic assemblies, and much more. Other media resources include training and reference guides, quality/acceptance wall posters and digital images to build your own instructional materials. 

IPC Standards Review Forum

IPC standards are constantly updated to meet the ever evolving needs and practices of the global electronic industry. IPC India hosts periodical IPC Standards Review Meets and Forums. These events pool together reviews from Indian electronics industry members on respective IPC standards. Individual review are discussed and deliberated over before being sent to IPC headquarters core committee for final approval. These finalized reviews are effected in the next revision of respective standards.


EMS Program management

This is a three-part, multi-focused educational program that tailors topics such as operations, finance, contracts, time management and leadership for individuals who must possess an understanding of business operations and management issues specific to Electronic Manufacturing Services/Electronic Contract Manufacturing business. Minimum stipulated level of work, as well as a minimum score of 73 percent in the exam, is required to get certified as Certified EMS Program Manager (CEPM).

Events and Tradeshows

Over and above creating awareness of IPC Standards through training and certification, membership, awareness workshops, and multimedia DVDs, IPC India takes part in trade shows that facilitate their valued members and clients with educational conferences, workshops, and technical competitions.

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IPC India 2016

Colocated With Electronic India 2016 & Productronica India 2016
21 – 23 September 2016
BIEC Bangalore

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Strategic Electronics Summit 2016

Orientation on IPC/WHMA-A-620B & Space Addendum for Aerospace, Space & Defence industrial applications

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IPC Technical Spotlight

For questions relating to IPC standards content or other technical inquiries, send an e-mail to TechnicalQuery@ipc.org.


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September 2015
North American Electronics Business Showing Signs of Growth

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In the electronics industry there is a point where inspiration turns into innovation. A point where the industry turns exceptional education and technology into real-world success. IPC APEX EXPO 2017 is an opportunity to experience technology's turning point—see you in San Diego!

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