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Training & Certification

IPC India offers the two tier (CIS & CIT) training & certification programs to electronic companies from India as well as neighbouring countries. including CID/CID+ Courses whic enhance and assess knowledge on how to transform an electrical circuit description into a PCB design.

IPC India Training & Certification

In addition, IPC India also Offers customized training courses to meet specific requirement s of individual customers.

IPC Membership

Since 1957, IPC has been guiding the electronic interconnection industry through dynamic advancements in technology. IPC is the only trade association that brings together all of the players in this industry: designers, board manufacturers, assembly companies, suppliers, and original equipment manufacturers.

Grow your Business

IPC member companies recover their investment on IPC membership through the financial discounts offered on all services provided by IPC. Members also build their brand image by being associated with the IPC name, which allows members to expand the spectrum of their company’s visibility.

IPC Standards

IPC has a set of standard for nearly every aspect of the electronics manufacturing industry. As a result, vendors continue to insist upon adhering to IPC standards. IPC India’s Reference Library supports most of the major standards. Free access is offered to all our member companies during office hours.

Events & tradeshows

Over and above creating awareness of IPC Standards through training and certification, membership, awareness workshops, and multimedia DVDs, IPC India takes part in trade shows that facilitate their valued members and clients with educational conferences, workshops, and technical competitions.

About IPC India

Incorporated on 1st March 2010 in Bangalore, Karnataka – the IT and electronics hub of India, IPC India opened an additional office in New Delhi to cater to the electronics industry in Delhi – NCR Region in September 2013.  In the last five and above years, our established & reputed members grew to 98 in number, representing all facets of the electronics industry  including design, printed board manufacturing, electronics assembly and testing, both from Private & Public Sector.

IPC Membership
Training & Certification
IPC Standards
Events & Standard Review meet

With awareness of IPC standards steadily catching up in Indian electronics industry, IPC India’s role in providing extended services over and above training & certification on these Standards is on the rise. On date, different verticals of Indian Electronics Industry, mainly the premium companies from EMS/PCB industry are quite well conversant with IPC Standards and its various activities:

  • Facilitate global IPC membership to Indian companies
  • Create awareness on IPC Standards to meet the industry requirements
  • Conduct periodical review meets  towards improvement of current IPC Standards
  • Conduct IPC Training & Certifications programs at our established Training Centre at Bangalore as well as on site of the sponsoring company.  
  • Offer Validation / Audit Services covering the product and process audit to the EMS sector.
  • Train EMS Program Managers  for a competent transition to management level
  • Conduct  One day Awareness Workshops on Hand Soldering, Wire Harness, & ESD
  • Host Conferences & Workshops for professional growth on professional front
  • Hold Competitions that recognise the best of the talent  in PCB design and Hand soldering
  • Market IPC standards in print and soft copies in DVDs
  • Provide DVD rentals for sharpening the skills of  technical staff
  • Circulate monthly e-Newsletter covering  IPC India, IPC, Industry News & latest Govt. policies

Industry needs are continuously evolving and IPC India – as a member-driven organization & leading source for industry standards, training, market research and public policy advocacy, is ever alert in understanding these needs and offering suitable services as above.

In a nut shell, IPC India encourages and guides Indian Electronics Companies to grow multi-fold in terms of performance, quality and profitability. IPC India motivates companies to participate in IPC standards, certification, management councils and other IPC industry programs. Delegates, who participate in standards development activities will gain knowledge about industry standards, enhance their leadership skills and will become more valuable to their companies.

User Reviews

One can have good understanding and more knowledge on IPC WHMA by attending the course DVD presentations is the main strength of the course. Guidance on online exam is good. got better understanding on defining the acceptance criteria.

Course covers all visible requirements of PCB Board Soldering with good illustrations. Gives an overview of the IPC Standard on the subject and also good hints for product development. Content delivery and interaction by the trainer is good. DVD Presentations played a vital role in understanding the concepts thoroughly.

A comfortable knowledge-gaining training course, thus acquired in depth understanding of the standard. Trainer’s delivery of the course with detailed explanation of each module is appreciated. Introducing more video presentations is suggested.

IPC India offers Process & Product Audit

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