Technical Articles

The new form of insulators for PCB

Mr. Rakesh Gandadharan, PCB Design Engineer, ELMA Electronics.

Design of PCBs are becoming more and more complex because of the trend to faster, higher integrated, smaller form factors and low power electronics circuits. A number of criteria should be considered to achieve maximum system performance under this condition. This document deals with a new insulator with which the PCB can be integrated into smaller level beyond imaginable and can solve few issues facing in complex design. The main idea of this research is to fabricate modified special type of insulator, which can serve as both insulator cum conductive.

A Transient Voltage Suppressors ESD Characterization

Mr.┬áP V N Murthy – Engineer-in-charge, EMI/EMC & ESD Laboratory of Electrical Design & Measurement Division, Systems Integration Group, ISRO.

Electronic systems are becoming increasingly portable and getting miniaturised as a result of advanced integrated circuits, miniaturized power sources and high density I/Os. The flip side to scaling is that it creates ICs that are more susceptible to transient voltages due to thinner oxides and smaller metallization traces. The ideal method of transient voltage suppression is to clamp the transient voltage with a transient voltage suppressor (TVS).

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