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Manufacturing Quality Assurance: Applicability of different techniques
Ms. Seema Sabikhi – Sr. Engineer – Process Quality, Barco Electronic Systems (P) Ltd.

Quality can be defined as fulfilling specification or customer requirement, without any defect. A product is said to be high in Quality if it is functioning as expected and reliable.

Manufacturing process control and quality assurance are elements of a quality management system, which is the set of policies, procedures, and processes used to ensure the quality of a product or a service.

Space Qualified PCB Design Techniques
Mr. D J Bhatt – Engineer/Scientist, Space Application Centre (ISRO)

Today’s Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design challenges are not only confined to terrestrial PCB designs but also extended to more prominent and critical Space-grade PCB. There are additional challenges due to the Space environment and requirement of achieving high-reliability PCBs beyond Class-3 with failure risk less than 0.001%.
This paper describes Space-grade PCB design issues, design flow, design guidelines, and techniques. It also explains PCB design issues and critical tasks necessary for ensuring reliable Space qualified PCB.

Tin Plating Detection & Tin Whisker Mitigation
Mr. G S Sathya Narayana – Sr. DGM, Process Engineering Department, Electronic Warfare & Avionics, BEL

Tin whiskers are electrically conductive, crystalline structures of tin that sometimes grow from the surface of tin and tin alloy plating, when tin is used as a final finish. Whiskers can cause short circuits and arc in electrical equipment.

Proactive Design for eXcellence process for High-Speed Boards
Mr. Amba Prasad – Product Architect, Tejas Networks

Printed Wiring Boards used for High-Speed Electronic Packaging are building blocks for high-performance Communication equipment, are often product of contradicting performance requirements. Implementation of a design requirement will have a direct impact on other related product performance parameters.

Reinvigorating Product Strategy
Mr. Peter Yu – Senior Director of Strategy & Marketing, MULTEK

Product Strategy is core to any company’s success. How can organizations launch successful new products, extend the lifecycle of existing lucrative products, or turn under-performing products into stellar ones? This paper will show, how today’s shifting market and technology trends offer truly disruptive opportunities to those who “connect the dots” – including how PCB manufacturers can help.

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