Certification course on “Fundamentals of Electronics Systems Packaging” (ESP)



In electronics system design, “Packaging” plays a very important role, acting as a bridge between the IC and the system. There are different levels of packaging namely chip level, board level and system level in microelectronics. It is an important topic in modern microelectronics as the critical functions of the system, performance and reliability are dependent on system packaging.


Objectives and Benefits

The objective of this course is to provide knowledge to the participants about the fundamentals of electronics packaging, including package styles, hierarchy, and methods of packaging for different environments.

This course helps the participants to understand the fundamentals of packaging with industrial perspective and to continue studies or research in this area. As the cost-efficient, high-performance packaging approach is the need of the day, this course becomes very relevant to the electronic engineers who are engaged in the system design, manufacturing, testing, reliability etc.


Course Content

• Electronics systems and needs, physical integration of circuits, packages, boards, and complete electronic systems.

• System applications like a computer, automobile, medical and consumer electronics with case studies and packaging levels.

• Electrical design considerations – power distribution, signal integrity, RF package design and Power-delivery in systems.

• CAD for Printed Wiring Boards (PWBs) and Design for Manufacturability (DFM). PWB Technologies, Single-chip (SCM) and Multi-chip modules (MCM), flex circuits.

• Recent trends in manufacturing like microvias, sequential build-up circuits, and high-density interconnect structures.

• Materials & processes in electronics packaging, joining methods in electronics; lead-free solders.

• Surface Mount Technology: Design, Fabrication & Assembly, Embedded passive components; Green electronics.

• Thermal management of PWBs, thermo-mechanical reliability, design for reliability.

• Video highlights & Tutorials of important aspects in many topics of the course.

• Evaluation of participants at the end of the course with certification.


Who can attend this Course?

• All managers related to electronics packaging fields and areas like Design, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing, Reliability, Manufacturing etc.

• Technically skilled junior and middle-level managers who are involved in manufacturing, quality departments or who are involved in productivity improvement activities.

• Marketing executives, who want to upgrade their technical knowledge.

• Students, Individuals, Consultants etc.


Structure of the Course

• Lectures and participative discussions.

• Industry perspective on select topics.

• Evaluation and feedback sessions.

• Participation certificate at the end of the course.

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