IPC-7711/21 Rework, Modification & Repair of Electronic Assemblies Training and Certification Program

IPC-7711/21C CIS (Specialist)

Rework … Repair and Remain Competitive A Hands-on Approach to the Restoration of Electronic Assemblies

The Stakes Don’t Get Any Higher!
The printed circuit board is loaded with expensive components … and it does not work! There is no starting over, and the choices seem ominous: scrap it or send it out. Either way, it’s going to cost you. Do you have a third option? IPC’s Rework, Repair and Modification Training and Certification Program offers your company the money-saving alternative: fix it yourself!

Bringing Rework and Repair to Your Company
This out standing program delivers a flexible, highly skills-oriented training program.Certification in this industry-developed and approved program can give your employees the skill they need to restore operations of expensive electronics assemblies which in turn can reduce the costs and waste associated with scrapping flawed or failed boards and assemblies.

The Certified IPC Application Specialist Programm for IPC-7711/21 focuses on what line workers,operators,inspectors and buyers need to know to perform rework and repair on electronic assemblies. It also provides a valuable, portable credential to industry professionals along with recognition for their companies.This course covers the introduction and only the training modules your company selects. The modules vary in length from three to eight hours.

    • Introduction to common rework and repair procedures.
    • Product classifications, skill levels, tool and materials.
    • Basic surface mount and through-hole component removal.
    • Land preparation and component installation.
    • Primary heating methods: conductive, convective and others.
    • Handling electronic assemblies.
    • Through-hole component removaland installation.
    • Chip and MELF component removal and installation.
    • SOIC/SOT, J-lead and QFP component removal and installation.
    • Wire splicing procedures.
    • Printed wiring board circuit and laminate repair.
    • Conformal coating removal.

| Training Modules

Module Description
Module 01 Introduction, Policies & Procedures, Common Procedures, Open Book Exam/Review
Module 02 Wire Splicing, Wire Splicing Lab
Module 03 Through-Hole, Through-Hole Lab
Module 04 Chip & MELF, Chip & MELF Lab
Module 05 Gull Wing Components, Gull Wing Components Lab
Module 06 J- Lead, J-Lead Lab
Module 07 PCB Circuit Repair, PCB Circuit Repair Lab
Module 08 Laminate Repair, Laminate Repair Lab
Module 09 Conformal Coating, Conformal Coating Lab