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| IPC India Standards Reference Library

IPC India is maintaining a reference library at its Head Office at Jayanagar, Bengaluru for all the clients. The library is accessible during the office hours from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM from Monday to Friday on all working days.

The library contains copies of the popularly referred IPC Standards by the industry. Any member can visit IPC India office and refer to any available copy of the standard, which comes as a complimentary service to members.

Clients are encouraged to visit IPC India Office to refer to any of these standards during the office hours and benefit themselves by referring to these standards available in the library.

Other companies who are currently not members of IPC India are requested to consider taking IPC India Membership to utilize this opportunity along with financial and other benefits available to the members.

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| New Standards Added to the Reference Library

  - IPC/WHMA-A-620 D: Acceptibility of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies

  - IPC - 6012 D: Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards (Amd - 1)

  - IPC-JSTD-001 GS: Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum for J-STD-001 G

  - IPC - 9121: Troubleshooting for Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Processes

  - IPC - 9191: General Guideline for implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC)

| Available Standards In Library

    IPC-JSTD-001 G - Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies 

    IPC-JSTD-001 GS - Space hardware Addendum to IPC-J-STD-001 G

    IPC-HDBK-001 F - Handbook and Guide to IPC-JSTD-001

    SMEMA 1.2 - Mechanical Equipment Interface Standard

    IPC-JSTD-002 D - Solderability Tests for Component Leads, Terminations, Lugs, Terminals and Wires 

    IPC-JSTD-005 A - Requirements for Soldering Pastes 

    IPC-HDBK-005 - Guide to Solder Paste Assessment 

    IPC-JSTD-006 C Amd-1 - Requirements for Electronic Grade Solder Alloys and Fluxed and Non-Fluxed Solid Solders for Electronic Soldering Applications 

    IPC-FC-234 A - PSA Assembly Guidelines for Single- & Double-Sided Flexible Printed Circuits 

    IPC-DW-424 - General Specification for Encapsulated Discrete Wire Interconnection Boards 

    IPC-DW-426 - Specifications for Assembly of Discrete Wiring 

    IPC-TR-464 - Accelerated Aging for Solderability Evaluations 

    IPC-TR-583 - An In-Depth Look At Ionic Cleanliness Testing

    IPC-HDBK-610 Amd-1 - Handbook and Guide to IPC-A-610 (Includes B-C-D comparison)

    IPC-HDBK-630 - Guidelines for Design, Manufacture, Inspection, and Testing of Electronic Enclosures 

    IPC-A-640 - Acceptance Requirements for Optical Fiber, Optical Cable, and Hybrid Wiring Harness Assemblies

    IPC-D-640 - Design and Critical Process Requirements for Optical Fiber, Optical Cable and Hybrid Wiring Harness Assemblies

    IPC-OI-645 - Standard for Visual Optical Inspection Aids 

    IPC-SM-780 - Component Packaging and Interconnecting with Emphasis on Surface Mounting 

    IPC-SM-784 - Guidelines for Chip-on-Board Technology Implementation 

    IPC-SM-817 A - General Requirements for Dielectric Surface Mounting Adhesives

    IPC-CA-821 - General Requirements for Thermally Conductive Adhesives 

    IPC-CC-830 B Amd-1 - Qualification and Performance of Electronic Insulating Compound for Printed Board Assemblies 

    IPC-HDBK-830 A - Guidelines for Design, Selection and Application of Conformal Coatings

    IPC-HDBK-850 - Guidelines for Design, Selection and Application of Potting and Encapsulation Materials Used for Electronics Printed Circuit Board Assembly

    IPC-2541 - Generic Requirements for Electronic Manufacturing Shop Floor Equipment Communication 

    IPC-2546 Amd-2 - Sectional Requirements for Shop Floor Electronic Assembly Equipment Communication 

    IPC-2576 - Sectional Requirements for Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain Communication of As-Built Product Data – Product Exchange (PDX) 

    IPC-2581 - Generic Requirements for Printed Board Assembly Products Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer Methodology (Offspring)

    IPC-HDBK-4691 - Handbook on Adhesive Bonding in Electronic Assembly Operations

    IPC-6903 - Terms and Definitions for the Design and Manufacture of Printed Electronics (Additive Circuitry)

    IPC-7095 C - Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BGAs 

    IPC-7525 B - Guidelines for Stencil Design 

    IPC-7526 - Stencil and Misprinted Board Cleaning Handbook

    IPC-7530 A - Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering Processes (Wave and Reflow)

    IPC-7801 - Reflow Oven Process Control Standard 

    IPC-8497-1 - Cleaning Methods and Contamination Assessment for Optical Assembly

    IPC-8701 - Final Acceptance Criteria Standard for PV Modules-Final Module Assembly

    IPC-9502 - PWB Assembly Soldering Process Guidelines for Non-IC Electronic Components 

    IPC-9701 A - Performance Test Methods and Qualification Requirements for Surface Mount Solder Attachments

    IPC/JEDEC-9703 - Mechanical Shock Test Guidelines for Solder Joint Reliability

    IPC/JEDEC-9704 A - Printed Wiring Board Strain Gage Test Guideline

    IPC/JEDEC-9706 - Mechanical Shock In-situ Electrical Metrology Test Guidelines for FCBGA SMT Component Solder Crack and Pad Crater/Trace Crack Detection

    IPC-9709 - Test Guidelines for Acoustic Emission Measurement during Mechanical Test

    IPC-9850 A - Surface Mount Equipment Performance Characterization 

    IPC/WHMA-A-620 D - Acceptibility of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies
    IPC-JSTD-020 E - Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification of Plastic Surface Mount Devices

    J-STD-033 C - Packaging and Handling of Moisture Sensitive Non-Hermetic Solid State Surface Mount Devices 

    J-STD-035 - Acoustic Microscopy for Non-Hermetic Encapsulated Electronic Components 

    J-STD-075 - Classification of Non-IC Electronic Components for Assembly Processes 

    IPC-MC-790 - Guidelines for Multichip Module Technology Utilization 

    IPC-9504 - Assembly Process Simulation for Evaluation of Non-IC Components 

    IPC-9591 - Performance Parameters (Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental and Quality/Reliability) for Air Moving Devices

    IPC-9592 B - Requirements for Power Conversion Devices for the Computer and Telecommunications Industries
    IPC-DW-425 A - Design and End Product Requirements for Discrete Wiring Boards 

    IPC/JPCA-2291 - Design Guideline for Printed Electronics

    IPC-2292 - Design Standard for Printed Electronics on Flexible Substrates

    IPC-2501 - Definition for Web-based Exchange of XML Data

    IPC-2513 A - Sectional Requirements for Implementation of Drawing Methods for Manufacturing Data Description

    IPC-2517 A - Sectional Requirements for Implementation of Assembly In-Circuit Testing Data Description

    IPC-2518 A - Sectional Requirements for Implementation of Part List Product Data Description 

    IPC-2531 - Standard Recipe File Format Specification 

    IPC-2578 - Sectional Requirements for Supply Chain Communication of Bill of material and Product Design Configuration Data-Product Data Exchange (PDX) 

    IPC-4821 Amd-1 - Specification for Embedded Passive Device Capacitor Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards 

    IPC-7351 B - Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design and Land Pattern Standard
    IPC-NC-349 - Computer Numerical Control Formatting for Drillers and Routers 

    IPC-TR-585 - Time, Temperature and Humidity Stress of Final Board Finish Solderability 

    IPC-A-600 J - Acceptability of Printed Boards 

    IPC-QE-605 A - Printed Board Quality Evaluation Handbook 

    IPC-SM-840 E - Qualification and Performance of Permanent Polymer Coating (Solder Mask) for Printed Boards 

    IPC-HDBK-840 - Solder Mask Handbook

    IPC-TP-1043 - Cleaning & Cleanliness Test Program Phase 3 Water Soluble Fluxes Part 1 

    IPC-TP-1044 - Cleaning & Cleanliness Test Program Phase 3 Water Soluble Fluxes Part 2 

    IPC-3408 - General Requirements for Anistropically Conductive Adhesive Films 

    IPC-4101 E - Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards 

    IPC-4103 B - Specification for Base Materials for High Speed/ High Frequency Applications

    IPC-4203 A Amd-1 - Adhesive Coated Dielectric Films for Use as Cover Sheets 

    IPC-4412 B - Specification for Finished Fabric Woven form “E” Glass for Printed Boards 

    IPC-4552 A - Specification for Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG) Plating for Printed Circuit Boards 

    IPC-4554 Amd-1 - Specification for Immersion Tin Plating for Printed Circuit Boards

    IPC-4921 A - Requirements for Printed Electronics Base Materials

    IPC-5701 - Users Guide for Cleanliness of Unpopulated Printed Boards

    IPC-5703 - Cleanliness Guidelines for Printed Board Fabricators

    IPC-6012 D - Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards 

    IPC-6013 D - Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible Printed Boards 

    IPC-6018 C - Qualification and Performance Specification for High Frequency (Microwave) Printed Boards 

    IPC/JPCA-6202 - Performance Guide Manual for Single- and Double-Sided Flexible Printed Wiring Boards 

    IPC-7092 - Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Embedded Components

    IPC-9121 - Troubleshooting for Printed Board Fabrication Processes

    IPC-9151 D - Printed Board Capability, Quality and Relative Reliability (PCQR2) Benchmark Test Standard and Database

    IPC-9201 A - Surface Insulation Resistance Handbook 

    IPC-9252 B - Requirements for Electrical Testing of Unpopulated Printed Boards 

    IPC-9641 - High Temperature Printed Board Flatness Guideline

    IPC/JEDEC-9702 - Monotonic Bend Characterization of Board-Level Interconnects
    Currently no standards available in library
    IPC-T-50 M - Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits 

    IPC-TR-579 - Round Robin Reliability Evaluation of Small Diameter Plated Through Holes in Printed Wiring Boards 

    IPC-QL-579 A - Qualification of Facilities that Inspect/Test Printed Boards, Components, and Material 

    IPC-1065 - Material Declaration Handbook 

    IPC-1071 B - Intellectual Property Protection in Printed Board Manufacturing

    IPC-1072 Amd-1 - Intellectual Property Protection in Assembly Manufacturing 

    IPC-WP-1081 - White Paper on Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Cuidance 

    IPC-TP-1114 - The Layman’s Guide to Qualifying a Process to J-STD-001B 

    IPC-1131 - IT Guidelines for PWB Manufacturers 

    IPC-1401 - Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Protocols for Electronic Manufacturing Industry

    IPC-1751 A Amd-1 - Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Management

    IPC-1752 A Amd-1 & 2 - Materials Declaration Management

    IPC-1753 - Laboratory Report Standard 

    IPC-1755 Amd-1 & 2 - Conflict Minerals Data Exchange Standard

    IPC-3406 - Guidelines for Electrically Conductive Surface Mount Adhesives 

    IPC-4781 - Qualification and Performance Specification of Permanent, Semi-Permanent and Temporary Legend and/or Marking Inks

    IPC/JPCA-6901 - Application Categories for Printed Electronics 

    IPC-9191 - General Guideline for implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC) 
    IPC-1066 - Labeling of PCBs and Assemblies

    IPC-6016 - Qualification and Performance Specification for High Density Interconnect (HDI) Layers or Boards 

For any further clarification in this regard, write to infoindia@ipc.org