What is the Standard Review?

A standard review is an assembly of the professionals involved in the creation of the standard, the user industry and technologists to evaluate the standard from the point of its current utility and search for the updates to make the standard compliant with the technology changes.

Purpose of the Standard Review:

A standard review is an exercise carried out to review the inputs which are proposed to be adopted in the next version of the standard as well as to gather further inputs from the industry and the users, which should be considered for accommodating in the next version of the standard, which are demanded by the changes in the usage pattern, evolving technology and additional applications.

Who should attend?

Anyone, specifically the professionals who are involved in the business concerned with the standard, in this case - Wire Harness and Cable Assembly.

It is mandatory for a CIT to participate in the ‘Standard Review Meets’ conducted for the CIT’s specific standard.

Recommendation is that all CIS in addition to the CITs attend the standard review. Any other professional, related to this business can attend to update his/her knowledge of the standard and its application.

Benefits of attending:

    • All participants will upgrade their knowledge of the standard to the latest inclusions and modification in the various clauses and share their views with
      other participants.
    • Every participating CIT/ CIS will be getting a participation certificate for this event.
    • Participating CIT will be eligible for applicable discount on his/ her fee for the recertification of this CIT certification course, provided it is done in the
      eligibility period.
    • In case your points and suggestions in this review, which might be forwarded to IPC USA are accepted and accommodated in the future version of this
      standard, your credentials for this suggestion will be included in the next version of the standard.

How to enrol?

The participation in the Standard Review Meet for CIT is complimentary. You are requested to nominate yourself in the Registration Form. Once we receive your registrations, we shall send you a confirmatory mail and a seat for participation will be reserved.

Your responsibility as a CIT:

As a CIT, you are requested to Submit your inputs for review on this standard. This submission of your review points will be considered equivalent to your personal attendance and participation in case you are facing a problem to attend this standard review meet in person.

While attending the meet in person also, please send your points for review, if any, in advance for inclusion in the discussion topics.

Also, you are required to nominate the CIS candidates of your company have been trained by you for attending this standard review. You may nominate as many of them as you wish. Additionally, if you want more of your technical personnel to be exposed to this standard and the updates, you may include their names too in the Registration Form.

Why a CIT should bring his student CIS?

If all the CIS trained by the CIT attend this review, they will update their knowledge first hand. The CIT does not have to repeat the same for his trainee again, saving valuable time and resources. The CIS can have their doubts cleared from the panel, who are experts on this standard.

Is not possible to attend, how to excuse yourself?

If you (CIT) do not wish to participate despite the above - mentioned considerations, please Record Your Reluctance to Attend this standard review meet on the form.

We will appreciate receiving your nominations by October 20, 2019. The exact venue and the timings will be informed to you in due course.

For any further clarification, please contact:

Ms. Nandini Aradhya | Call: +91 9980531388
or write to infoindia@ipc.org