IPC India Member Webinar

Importance of Design Standards in Electronics Manufacturing
Wednesday June 9, 2021
12 Noon – 1:30 PM

Imagining going through the final stages in delivering product to end user and while doing final test, locate errors in the fabrication or assembly process. We then begin to think of all the factors that could have gone wrong – was it PCB layout? Designing in electronics manufacturing process is most important & critical aspect which starts from the beginning stages and allows control over the finished product.

The global technological landscape is ever-changing. To remain relevant and competitive, companies are continuously trying to acquire knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this shifting environment. This adaptation and educational growth, while abundantly easy to obtain in most fields, is considered a niche segment for those operating in the world of electronics design. Today’s electronics designer must be equipped with the correct knowledge and competency.

The session will create awareness of the several IPC electronics design standards developed for the assembly – interfaces – printed board industry. These standards help Members to maintain the same parameters for PCB quality assurance and reliability so that they can meet the expectations of the customers along with the improvement in the production process in many different ways. The IPC standards make sure that the Members build safe, reliable and high performing PCB boards & Assemblies.

While not taught in today’s traditional education system, designers can obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their capabilities by following IPC design standards and completing Certified Interconnect Designer programs. This is especially important as most layouts have critical intricacies and it is important to implement or verify correctly.

12:00 Noon: Introduction by Mr. Gaurab Majumdar, Executive Director, IPC India
12:05 – 1:05 PM: Presentation on “Importance of Design Standards in Electronics Manufacturing ” by Mr. Amba Prasad, Certified IPC Designer (CID) & CID+ , IPC Instructor
1:05 – 1:30 PM: Q&A


Amba Prasad-1

Mr. Amba Prasad

Mr. Amba Prasad is Product Architect at Tejas Networks and IPC Vounteer Instructor since 2015. He has Multi disciplinary hands-on role in product development activities for carrier class communication equipment, including PCB and backplane layouts. this includes materials and processes for pcb, backplanes, and power supply modules, starting from schematic definition, constraints management, physical layouts, and fabrication of proto PCBs, DFA resolutions for assemblies. Has defined DFM, DFA and Constraints Management Flows involved in High Speed System Design Requirements. Additionally, he conducts IPC Designer Course for IPC Members and He is also a Chapter Officer of SMTA.


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